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As a first time buyer, we understand the difficulty in trusting a brand that you have never purchased from before. It’s the reason so many people turn to product reviews on both Amazon and personal blogs and the reason why we’ve added this page to our website. It’s a means for you, the buyer, to read other product reviews that aren’t just Amazon based, giving you further product knowledge.

So don’t just take our word for how amazing our products are, take CATRA and other peoples words too.



Clara on our 0.5L Food Flask: “It’s neat but you can fit lots in – a whole tin of soup or pasta and pesto. You can use the top as a bowl and it fits inside my cool bag with my other lunch things.”

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The SAS author on our 0.48L Travel Flask: “The flask itself has been developed so that you can carry it around with ease and use it in an office environment or in the car. The groves all along the flask mean that it fits the hand easily and although metal, the double layer of wallage means that the heat does not radiate into your hand.”

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CATRA (Cutlery and Allied Trades Research Association) ran some thermal performance tests on four 500ml thermal flasks, including our Pioneer Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask, in order to compare each brand and make.

Each flask was preheated with boiling water for 5 minutes. The flasks were then re-filled with newly boiled water and the temperature was measured. The flasks were closed with a laboratory thermocouple fastened inside the flask and the temperature was measured every two hours.

Two tests were completed in total, with test one measuring the temperature after two and four hours, and test two measuring the temperature after two, four, six and eight hours.

It was identified from these tests that Pioneer is one of the best thermal flasks on the market, beating its biggest competitors by retaining more heat within a four and eight hour period.

The results can be found below: